Video is the #1 online branded content choice

When you see big corporations like American Express using branded content as a key tactic in its overall online marketing strategy, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at out how marketers and brand experts are using these tactics effectively. At this point, we already know that Internet users are much more open to consuming content marketing than simply viewing online ads. Why? Because they prefer to be exposed to content which they can engage with versus traditional one-way communication that interrupts their online experience. But what type of branded content is most popular? If you follow our blog, you probably correctly guessed…video!

Marketing firm Outbrain conducted a survey among senior-level brand marketers and agency executives and released the report “The State of Content Marketing, 2012″. According to the study, 100% of the respondents utilize content marketing, and 87% of them pointed to video as the most common and effective form of content created, followed by blog posts, and articles / slideshows. Another interesting finding of the report is related to social media. Once the branded video is created, 96% of the marketers who answered the survey rely on social media to drive traffic to their video.

The last key aspect of the study we would like to share relates to measuring success. For many people, the number of video views would be the most important measure of success or failure. However, the study shows that marketers see much more value in social media engagement (89%) than in views or downloads (76%). In other words, if the video (or any other branded content) is shared and stimulates comments and discussions around it, than it is far more successful than simply generating views. Think about yourself as the audience. When was the last time you shared branded content and why? The answer may help you think about the next online campaign you create.

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Online video is trending on the hospitality sector: Hilton Los Angeles/Universal case

When you decide to travel for vacation or for business, you want to make sure you there will be no unpleasant surprises related to your hotel stay, right? That’s why for companies in the hospitality sector, growing their businesses and attracting new guests are directly effected by those potential customers feeling confident in what the hotel offers, especially with the growing number of people booking online.

Hilton Universal Los Angeles/Universal City understands how critical video is in increasing that confidence level for those booking online and has partnered with Affinity TV 247 to create a series of videos presenting the hotel’s features and benefits in an entertaining style. With this new video strategy, people looking for a hotel in the Los Angeles/Universal City area will be able to see exactly what Hilton has to offer relative to its rooms, happy hour and bar, kitchen (which has an amazing and delicious brunch on Sundays, attested by our production team), events center, and many other details that help viewers get a more tangible idea of what to expect. Take a look at the first video of the series, and over the next several weeks we will be posting additional videos. We hope you enjoy them, especially if you are planning to visit LA anytime soon!

Hilton Overview from AffinityTV247 on Vimeo.

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Online video consumption expected to explode!

Take a guess at how many Internet video minutes we will consume per month by 2016? Taking a look at a new research report released by Cisco Systems (part of its annual Visual Networking Index Forecast), that answer is astounding! Worldwide, we will match the equivalent of 833 days of video… every single second! These results reflect the dramatic growth in the number of Internet users who watch videos online, which will top 1.5 billion by 2016. Today, the number of online video viewers has grown to 792 million.

According to Cisco’s report, one of the key reasons for this dramatic growth in online viewing is related to revamping old viewing habits, a topic we have already discussed here on our blog in a previous post: people are connecting their TV sets to the Internet at unprecedented rates and they are watching HD videos online in their living rooms. By 2016, online video delivered to TVs will make up six percent of all worldwide consumer Internet traffic. Additionally, the increased popularity of tablets makes watching videos online easier and much more enjoyable.

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You have the Power!

Are you aware of how to avoid a stroke? Did you know that African-Americans have almost twice the risk of having a stroke compared to other groups? Since the American Heart Association spoke with us about their Power to End Stroke campaign, our creative and production teams have passionately researched this growing issue. As a result, our entire office has been focused on this and actually started helping each other change daily habits that help prevent stroke and other health issues. During our Free Lunch Fridays, at least one person gets scolded for bad eating habits: “Michael, there is no need to put that much salt on your food!”

The truth is stroke is a serious, life threatening issue, however it can also be prevented. It’s just a matter of moving towards a lifestyle that reduces the risk of stroke. With this idea in mind, we have partnered with the American Heart Association and created Power TV, an online show empowering people to live healthier and happier lives. The program educates, but never puts aside the entertaining aspects that contribute to making this web series a powerful and successful tool that promotes the Power to End Stroke campaign. Take a look at the first episode, especially if you are not really sure about the signs of stroke and other related health issues. And please let your loved ones know about this as well!

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New technologies revamp old TV viewing habits

For many people, sitting down in front of the TV in the living room is an enjoyable activity. “I would never exchange this experience for watching online videos on a computer” some would say. It is understandable that for generations so used to traditional television viewing, it is pretty difficult to let it go. However, who said that old habits and new technologies can’t be combined?

Forrester has just released a new report confirming that new technologies sometimes revamp old habits. According to the study, the number of U.S. households that watch online video on a TV set is now up to 32.1 million, up from just 24.8 million a year ago. How do they watch on their TV sets? Well, the majority of these households use their game consoles to do so. In addition, the research shows that 18.5 million households now use the game consoles attached to their televisions to stream online video in the living room and this is a growing trend. Forrester estimates that by 2016, 66.8 million U.S. households will have connected their TV sets to the Internet and 89% of HDTVs sold will have the ability to connect to the Internet.

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New online show focuses on career and job search, recently acquired by Infobase Learning, has partnered with Affinity TV 247 to create relevant video content in the job search and career intelligence sectors. We produced this project with Vault to focus on increasing subscriber engagement through online video.

On a daily basis, thousands of students, professionals and companies go to looking for reliable content related to job rankings, industry trends, education, economics, career tips, etc. With Vault TV, all subscribers will have the additional benefit of accessing an infotainment video show covering relevant subjects related to the career field.

On this first episode of Vault TV, called Career Insider, you will discover the top five accounting firms to work for. Which accounting firm is #1? Watch and see!

business video production, branded business videos

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New online show is live: Aging With Grace L.A.

Have you noticed that society is getting older? If you haven’t, here is a quick statistic. According to the latest Census, California’s 4 million senior citizens represent the largest elderly population in the country. To help address the needs of this growing segment of the population, Affinity TV 247 has just launched a new weekly online show, Aging With Grace L.A. Aging With Grace L.A. ( is a great resource for people looking for information about aging gracefully in the Los Angeles area.

The weekly 3 1/2 minute program was developed specifically for Los Angeles area seniors and addresses key issues like comfort, healthcare, in home care, care givers, safety, and other relevant topics. The program utilizes an infotainment presentation style and is divided into segments such as home care, nutrition, estate planning, and exercise. The show is sponsored by LiveWell Home Care (, a provider of in home care services in the Los Angeles area. People interested in viewing the show can watch the episodes on the Aging With Grace L.A. website and on a broad network of video and social media websites like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. Watch the first episode here on our blog and let us know what you think (feedback please)!

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The best response is… a video!

Over the last few months, our creative and production teams have been working on a video campaign for a new premium artesian bottled water. In addition to creating online video programming and a corporate video for the company’s website, the client asked for a traditional :30 commercial to broadcast for a national TV campaign. In other words, a complete video package of branded content. Since the commercial began airing on TV last week, the results have been very interesting.

We forgot to mention at the beginning of this post that this new premium artesian water has a unique name; Crazy Woman Water. No, the product was not inspired by a female with behavioral problems, but instead refers to the source of the water, the Crazy Woman Mountain in Wyoming’s Bighorn National Forest. The reaction to the commercial was immediate and shared worldwide through Twitter as many people have the habit of expressing their opinions about what they are watching on TV in real-time. The most interesting aspect of this Twitter buzz was the fact that people were asking if the product was real or not; if the commercial was serious or just a spoof.

The bottom line is people were talking about Crazy Woman Water – and we must confess that after reading the Twitter posts (click here), we were loving the feedback and laughing at the comments! However, after we laughed, we knew we had to react to these organic responses and engage these consumers while the brand was fresh on their minds and do it in a creative way. And in this opportunity, the power of online video became clear. In a couple of hours, our creative team came up with several ideas for short videos that would work as answers to those hilarious tweets about Crazy Woman Water. A few hours later, the first video was done, and our team began sharing it on Twitter, YouTube, and other online video platforms. As you can see, a situation that could be prejudicial to a brand (people making fun of the company’s name) turned out to be a great marketing and engagement opportunity. Watch both videos below and tell us what you think!

Crazy Woman Water Commercial

Video response… Yes, we’re real!

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Online video keeps growing and growing and growing

At this point you probably know we love online video. But it’s not like a teenager’s blind passion, we truly believe in the power of video content simply because we are paying attention to how people are consuming content. For those who are still skeptical, we brought a few findings from the latest report released by comScore. According to the report, the number of U.S. Internet users who watched online video in February rose 5 percent year-on-year to 179 million.

And that’s not the most important thing. We were more excited about this: the number of hours Internet viewers spent watching online video. On average, this number increased 37.6%, which equates to 21.8 hours! In other words, people are getting more and more used to watching videos online, they are most often then not choosing this medium to satisfy their audiovisual needs. Lastly, Google’s websites (including YouTube) ranked as the top online video content property in February with 147.4 million unique viewers. Surprised? We didn’t think so.

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Scream for the Hunger Games!

It’s official, we have just completed coverage of the first leg of the Hunger Games Promotional Mall Tour, in partnership with Westfield Malls.  Here is the sizzle real video of the tour’s first stop in Westfield Century City in Los Angeles, CA.  After watching this, you’ll probably start thinking about a great idea for a book that could possibly turn into a movie.  Just make sure to include teenagers with special powers and abilities in the story!

Affinity TV 247 Video Production Services shown in this video: Live Event Video Production / Coverage, Live Event Filming, Live Event Video Coverage, Live Event Video Editing

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