New online show is live: Aging With Grace L.A.

Have you noticed that society is getting older? If you haven’t, here is a quick statistic. According to the latest Census, California’s 4 million senior citizens represent the largest elderly population in the country. To help address the needs of this growing segment of the population, Affinity TV 247 has just launched a new weekly online show, Aging With Grace L.A. Aging With Grace L.A. ( is a great resource for people looking for information about aging gracefully in the Los Angeles area.

The weekly 3 1/2 minute program was developed specifically for Los Angeles area seniors and addresses key issues like comfort, healthcare, in home care, care givers, safety, and other relevant topics. The program utilizes an infotainment presentation style and is divided into segments such as home care, nutrition, estate planning, and exercise. The show is sponsored by LiveWell Home Care (, a provider of in home care services in the Los Angeles area. People interested in viewing the show can watch the episodes on the Aging With Grace L.A. website and on a broad network of video and social media websites like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. Watch the first episode here on our blog and let us know what you think (feedback please)!

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