The best response is… a video!

Over the last few months, our creative and production teams have been working on a video campaign for a new premium artesian bottled water. In addition to creating online video programming and a corporate video for the company’s website, the client asked for a traditional :30 commercial to broadcast for a national TV campaign. In other words, a complete video package of branded content. Since the commercial began airing on TV last week, the results have been very interesting.

We forgot to mention at the beginning of this post that this new premium artesian water has a unique name; Crazy Woman Water. No, the product was not inspired by a female with behavioral problems, but instead refers to the source of the water, the Crazy Woman Mountain in Wyoming’s Bighorn National Forest. The reaction to the commercial was immediate and shared worldwide through Twitter as many people have the habit of expressing their opinions about what they are watching on TV in real-time. The most interesting aspect of this Twitter buzz was the fact that people were asking if the product was real or not; if the commercial was serious or just a spoof.

The bottom line is people were talking about Crazy Woman Water – and we must confess that after reading the Twitter posts (click here), we were loving the feedback and laughing at the comments! However, after we laughed, we knew we had to react to these organic responses and engage these consumers while the brand was fresh on their minds and do it in a creative way. And in this opportunity, the power of online video became clear. In a couple of hours, our creative team came up with several ideas for short videos that would work as answers to those hilarious tweets about Crazy Woman Water. A few hours later, the first video was done, and our team began sharing it on Twitter, YouTube, and other online video platforms. As you can see, a situation that could be prejudicial to a brand (people making fun of the company’s name) turned out to be a great marketing and engagement opportunity. Watch both videos below and tell us what you think!

Crazy Woman Water Commercial

Video response… Yes, we’re real!

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