Video is the #1 online branded content choice

When you see big corporations like American Express using branded content as a key tactic in its overall online marketing strategy, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at out how marketers and brand experts are using these tactics effectively. At this point, we already know that Internet users are much more open to consuming content marketing than simply viewing online ads. Why? Because they prefer to be exposed to content which they can engage with versus traditional one-way communication that interrupts their online experience. But what type of branded content is most popular? If you follow our blog, you probably correctly guessed…video!

Marketing firm Outbrain conducted a survey among senior-level brand marketers and agency executives and released the report “The State of Content Marketing, 2012″. According to the study, 100% of the respondents utilize content marketing, and 87% of them pointed to video as the most common and effective form of content created, followed by blog posts, and articles / slideshows. Another interesting finding of the report is related to social media. Once the branded video is created, 96% of the marketers who answered the survey rely on social media to drive traffic to their video.

The last key aspect of the study we would like to share relates to measuring success. For many people, the number of video views would be the most important measure of success or failure. However, the study shows that marketers see much more value in social media engagement (89%) than in views or downloads (76%). In other words, if the video (or any other branded content) is shared and stimulates comments and discussions around it, than it is far more successful than simply generating views. Think about yourself as the audience. When was the last time you shared branded content and why? The answer may help you think about the next online campaign you create.

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