Online video consumption expected to explode!

Take a guess at how many Internet video minutes we will consume per month by 2016? Taking a look at a new research report released by Cisco Systems (part of its annual Visual Networking Index Forecast), that answer is astounding! Worldwide, we will match the equivalent of 833 days of video… every single second! These results reflect the dramatic growth in the number of Internet users who watch videos online, which will top 1.5 billion by 2016. Today, the number of online video viewers has grown to 792 million.

According to Cisco’s report, one of the key reasons for this dramatic growth in online viewing is related to revamping old viewing habits, a topic we have already discussed here on our blog in a previous post: people are connecting their TV sets to the Internet at unprecedented rates and they are watching HD videos online in their living rooms. By 2016, online video delivered to TVs will make up six percent of all worldwide consumer Internet traffic. Additionally, the increased popularity of tablets makes watching videos online easier and much more enjoyable.

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