You have the Power!

Are you aware of how to avoid a stroke? Did you know that African-Americans have almost twice the risk of having a stroke compared to other groups? Since the American Heart Association spoke with us about their Power to End Stroke campaign, our creative and production teams have passionately researched this growing issue. As a result, our entire office has been focused on this and actually started helping each other change daily habits that help prevent stroke and other health issues. During our Free Lunch Fridays, at least one person gets scolded for bad eating habits: “Michael, there is no need to put that much salt on your food!”

The truth is stroke is a serious, life threatening issue, however it can also be prevented. It’s just a matter of moving towards a lifestyle that reduces the risk of stroke. With this idea in mind, we have partnered with the American Heart Association and created Power TV, an online show empowering people to live healthier and happier lives. The program educates, but never puts aside the entertaining aspects that contribute to making this web series a powerful and successful tool that promotes the Power to End Stroke campaign. Take a look at the first episode, especially if you are not really sure about the signs of stroke and other related health issues. And please let your loved ones know about this as well!

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